World Kaphrao Thailand Grand Prix 2023 The best stir-fried basil in the Thailand Championship.

The first time in the world!!! with the ultimate of greatness of the world-shaking Basil festival Search for the top Thai basil stir-fried skill. Win a total prize money of more than 1 million baht!!!

From Friday to Sunday, the promenade along the banks of Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem will become a brightly lit-up and animated arena for World Kaphrao Thailand Grand Prix 2023.

Hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the three-day event, which confirms Bangkok as Asia’s best culinary city, will see a gathering of more than 50 restaurants and street food vendors to help promote phad kaphrao.

Other than the classic phad kaphrao recipes, there’s also a selection of contemporary international fare, including Italian pasta and pizza, Mexican quesadillas and American burgers and corndogs, prepared with a touch of Thai holy basil from 12 famous restaurants in Bangkok.

The event will reveal the winners of Thailand’s first phad kaphrao championship through on-site cooking battles.

The competition, which started a month ago, sees candidates from the North, Northeast, East, South and Central Region compete in crafting the most impressive rendition of stir-fried beef with holy basil under the concept “Authentic And Beyond”. The final round, chaired by Thailand’s top chefs, will take place at the event’s centre stage on Sunday.

Welcoming international visitors and local gourmands alike, the fair also features a fresh market, a green garden zone as well as various activities and workshops where audiences can learn about different variations of Thai holy basil as well as other Thai herbs and their usage. It is part of TAT’s strategic plan to stimulate the country’s gastronomy tourism while boosting ingredient exports.

Adding fun vibes to the open-air bazaar are concerts and entertainment from famous artists such as Tor Saksit, Krista, Tutor & Yim, Paradox and Nap A Lean amid creative lighting design along the canal. The World Kaphrao Thailand Grand Prix 2023 will take place at Phadung Krung Kasem Canal near Hua Lamphong Station, from 3-10pm, Friday to Sunday.

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Picture of the press conference World Kaphrao Thailand Grandprix 2023