We have 3 rounds to compete
     1 First round is an Online Audition from all over Thailand.
          1.1 Send a copy of ID card or Passport.
          1.2 *Send your introduction clip including with telling your inspiration. (The lenght of video is not more than 1 minute.) (if any)
          1.3 Send a list of ingredients thoroughly.
          1.4 *Send your cooking clip which shows the process thoroughly. (The lenght of video is not more than 4 minutes.) (if any)
          1.5 Send the picture of your dish which is served on the competition day.
          1.6 This first round assessment will be judged by selecting 15 applicants who follow the criteria mostly for each region to become the representator for their region.
     2 Second round wiil take place in 6 regions in Thailand.
          16th August 2023 (Chiang Mai and Hat Yai)
          19th August 2023 (Rayong and Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya)
          22nd August 2023 (Khon Kaen and Bangkok)
          2.1 The competitors will be sponsored 2,000 bath for the second round.
          2.2 15 competitors must register 1 day before the second round at the event location.
          2.3 The competitors must prepare themselves the ingradients and the seasonings. However, the kitchen appliances are provided by the host.
          2.4 The competitors will have 15-20 minutes to prepare the ingredients and seasoning before the competition starts.
          2.5 In this competition, the competitors must cook by one competitor at a time by using lottery to select the order 1-15.
          2.6 The competitors have 10 minutes to cook.
          2.7 The judges will announce 2 winners for each region.
          2.8 2 winners for each region will go to the final round which will take place in Bangkok.
          2.9 The decision by the judges shall be final in any case.
     3 Final round (take place in Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem – Hua Lumpong Bangkok on 25th – 27th August 2023)
          3.1 12 winners in each region must compete at the place event.
          3.2 The competitors must practice and do the workshop with their Chef Coach before the competition day.
          3.3 The criteria in the final round have been divided into 3 rounds.
          1st Qualify round
          12 competitors must draw for selecting their component in 6 pairs and have 10 minutes to cook by using beef from the host.
          2nd Semi – Final round
          6 winners must draw for selecting their component in 3 pairs and have 30 minutes to cooking by using beef from the host.
          3rd Final round
          3 winners compete together and must serve 2 dishes 1 from Thai Premium Beef and 1 from Local Beef.
          3.4 The competitors must prepare the ingredients and seasoning 30 minutes before starting.
          3.5 The competitors have time to season the dishes as given by the host in each round.
          3.6 The competitors have only 4 minutes each to present the dishes to the judges.
          3.7 When the winner is announced the 1st – 3rd must demonstrate how to cook and distribute to the audiences without charging in given time duration.
          3.8 The recipes and the methods in final round will be the property of Tourism Authority of Thailand.
          3.9 The decision by the judges shall be final in any case.